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When faced with the INEVITABLE, When HOPE seems elusive, When you choose to take control rather than accept defeat.... Let us help you.

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Hospice is compassionate care focused on comfort. It is care that meets the unique needs of each person. Hospice celebrates life. It allows patients and families to make the most of everyday.

Hospice can help...

Or send us an email through our contact form, check below contact form.
  • Referral

    A patient has a life-limiting illness. He or she is ready to stop curative treatments. The patient’s doctor, the patient, or a loved one can recommend hospice. Patients with end-stage illness can be referred. The sooner the patient is referred the better. Many say the only regret they have hospice is they didn’t call sooner.

  • Eligibility

    The hospice doctor and patient’s Doctor decide if the patient can enroll in hospice. The physician must verify that the patient has a life -limiting illness and will likely live six months or less.

    Patients are reviewed regularly. Doctors approve hospice services again at each review. Doctors can cancel services if the patient improves. Patients can also cancel hospice at any time patient can re-enroll or keep hospice care beyond six months with Doctor approval.

  • The Care Plan

    The next step is creating a plan of care. A hospice team member will visit to decide what the patient needs. Treatments are chosen based on the patient’s values and beliefs. The care plan changes with patient’s conditions.

    The care plan is designed to lessen physical symptoms of the disease. The care plan also helps ease stress about emotional, social, or spiritual concerns.

  • Setting Up Care

    Hospice services are provided in a patient’s home. Hospice will come set up equipment and train caregivers. We also deliver care in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, inpatient facilities, and other settings. Hospice goes wherever the patient lives.

  • Making the Plan Work

    Hospice staff visits on a regular schedule based on the patient’s needs. Patients are checked, medicines are adjusted, and support is given. Many programs have staff on call around the clock.